According to P. Kidd Prof. C. Rossi is not an art historian: HOAX

  According to Peter Kidd [ Source ], Prof. Carla Rossi is not an art historian: Kidd wrote: Rossi may have identified the "the manuscript's addressee" correctly: I do not know, because I have not checked the evidence. I can confidently say, however, that she has not identified the " atelier where the codex was produced ": she is not an art historian, and the politest way I can describe her attempt at stylistic analysis is "naive". This is yet another falsehood written by the art dealer consultant, in an attempt to discredit the scholar's work. Contrary to Mr. Kidd's claims, not only is she an art historian with various publications in this field, but she is currently teaching History of the Art of illumination at the University of Salento.  We have obtained a copy of the Professor's University degree certificate (we are obscuring her date of birth and the grades, even though the former is known a

The Critic article by Charlotte Gauthier: HOAX

  1. spurious “research institutes” FAKE NEWS TRUTH: RECEPTIO was founded in 2016 by various professors in the form of an "Associazione", i.e. an association under Swiss law with the name "Società Filologica Internazionale", with its headquarters in Lugano. After RECEPTIO was founded as an association in 2016, it was decided in 2017 to publish an academic Journal and to establish a publishing house. The members of RECEPTIO from various countries have chosen to set up a publishing house in the UK, so they decided to do this online to avoid having to publish the journal through the association. On 6 September 2017, TCLA ACADEMIC STUDIES LTD (hereinafter "TCLA Ltd.") was founded, with the first issue of the journal of "Theory and Criticism of Literature and Arts" (hereinafter "TCLA") being published in February 2017. On 29 January 2018, in order to avoid confusion with UCLA, the university from which one of the journal's founders hai

Peter Kidd's statements: Fact Checker

Between 2022 and 2023, Peter Kidd , a blogger with ties to auction houses and medieval manuscript traders , launched a social media campaign against the integrity of a scholarly research center ( RECEPTIO ), its director ( Prof. Carla Rossi ), and members. Kidd’s activities seemed retaliatory, following the director’s report to authorities about illegal activities conducted by art traders . Over the course of 2023, Kidd attempted to marshal his contacts to damage the center’s credibility. However, his campaign ultimately backfired, as it drew attention to his own connections with unethical manuscript traders and his questionable conduct.  Our blog , that owes its name to the alleged scandal surrounding the research center, but which has no connection to it, aims to provide a clear and respectful narrative of these events , upholding a standard of ethical journalism. It examines the difficulties of safeguarding cultural heritage and academic integrity amidst the destructive practice of